Hotel History


The Hotel was built in 1840 and was the center of activity, well known in the early days as the "Exchange" it was one of the first enterprises with permanence in the young and sprouting settlement of Warner Mills, now known as Linden.


In the mid 1800's the Inn was one of the features by which a community was judged. Transportation being what it was required frequent stop-over stations, and since the beginning of time, an area was only as good as were the facilities for hospitality. Mr. Warner, who founded the local establishment, well knew that his settlement would have to provide such a service.


Those who followed him in the ownership of the hotel were equally conscious of the need. Such men as Seth Sadler, J.B. Moshier and William Gamber carried in the tradition.


The railroad brought even more importance to the hotel, for salesmen made the hotel their headquarters, from which they drove to surrounding towns which had no rail service. Traveling men representing various wholesale houses would spend several days calling on customers in the outlying area, returning to the Exchange for sumptuous suppers and fine lodging.



With the coming of the Auto Age, such activities gradually disappeared and the Linden Exchange took on another form of service.  The transient lodging place was still important, but the end was in sight.  No longer were small town hotels brimming with overnight guests.  Ed Dumanois, began a tradition for fine meals and private parties to groups who braved the road to "motor to Linden".  It became very fashionable to travel from Flint to Linden for dinner parties at the Exchange.


In 1921, Mr. Dumanois sold to James and Emma Reip. Under their proprietorship, the name changed to the "House of Plenty". During the 1920's the Hotel's dining room enjoyed the reputation now associated with such places as Frankenmuth and Schulars in Marshall. Nearly any evening, one could dine with the elite of Flint or Detroit. The guest register read like a "Who's Who of Michigan Society"! Banquets were served in private dining rooms to parties which included governors, senators, auto company presidents and leaders in every professional field.


In 1954 after 120 years setting as what was known as the hotel corner (E. Broad St. & Bridge St.)
it was swung around to it's present location on East Broad St.The people who have owned the Hotel were; Warner Mills (founder), J.B. Moshier and William Gambler, Ed Damanois,  James and Ermma Reip. It is currently family owned  and operated by Jack, Rose, Karen, Mike and Sharon since 1993.


We are interested in old pictures of The Linden Hotel. If you have any old pictures stashed away and would like to share them with us please let us know. We would like to borrow your picture so we can scan them and possibly use them on our web site. If you have a story to go with your picture that would be great also.

About Us


Owned and operated by the Furry Family for over 20 years, Jack Furry, his wife Rosann, daughter Karen Stroud and daughter Sharon Flowers. Serving the community good service and good food.