Is The Linden Hotel Haunted?

Linden Hotel

Established in 1840

Story by Dan Asfar, Ghost Stories of Michigan

What was once a hotel in the small town of Linden now houses a family restaurant on the ground floor and a sports bar upstairs (The Crows Nest). One of the town's older buildings, the Linden Hotel was built in the 19th century and long served as the towns premier stopping point for people in the temporary need of a roof and bed. Renovations and subsequent proprietors changed the nature of the business in the building, but just as is the case in many old houses, it seems that things that came before sometimes have a way of sticking around. Indeed, if ghost in the Linden Hotel could speak, the voices drifting through the building's halls might whisper of the power of a place's history over the capricious forces of the present.


During their two visits to the Linden Hotel in June 1999 and October 2000, the SEMGHS became well acquainted with the ghost of Linden's past. One of the most dramatic images that the SEMGHS has ever captured on camera was taken by Brenda Mikulka in the hotel. "The picture is of a girls ghost," Brad says, "She has  blonde hair and is dressed in a white nightgown and is standing on her tiptoes; it's pretty amazing, one of the local papers in Linden printed it." The photograph is also posted on SEMGHS website, where the figure and face of a girl is visable in an ectoplasmic mist.


That wasn't all. "There's this room off the bar area where the DJ has all his sound equipment," Brad explains. "Brenda went into the DJ booth when we were upstairs and was suddenly stricken ill." She would later tell Brad that she felt like some large invisbale presence was flying around her,  doing circles through the air at high speed, she could practically feel the breeze as it bushed by her. Hit with intense vertigo Brenda was unable to stomach the extreme sence of motion and quickly left the room, jack the owner of the sports bar, was not surprised when Brenda came stumbling out of the booth, shocked and dazed. "Yup," the proprieter said to SEMGHS team crowded around Brenda. "I know who's in that room, he's been around for awhile."


Jack smiled as he asked the assmbled team, "Why don't you go in there and tell me who it is?" One of the SEMGHS psychics walked into the room without hesitation; she was back out a few minuted later. "His name is Charles," she announced, "but his friends call him Chuck ."  It turned out that Chuck was a regular at the Linden Hotel during its heyday, spending most of his nights carousing in the place. The haunted DJ booth used to be his bedroom when the second floor was still used for guest. Chuck's spirit is numbered among that less common breed of ghost that is happy to haunt it's chosen ground. Chuck is Linden's resident friendly ghost, remaining behind in the old hotel because he loved the place that much when he was living.



The SEMGHS physic who walked into the room recieved a straight forward responce when she asked chuck why he would'nt cross over. "it's simple," she told Brad after communicating with the spirit, "he enjoys it here." As for the girl in white whom Brenda captured on camera. Brad's psychics informed him that sometime in the 1800's, she was involved in a romantic affair with one of the hotel's regular patrons (not Chuck). Whatever dreams of the future she and her paramour entertained were smothered one night when a fire erupted from the small woodburning stove in her room and she died in her room of smoke inhalation. The SEMGHS has been able to detect and identify the spirit of this young women, but why she continues to drift through the buildings halls long after both she and her lover have died in anybody's guess.


Chuck and this young woman, seem to be the most prominent spirits in the Linden Hotel, but there is evidence of others. During the October investigation, Brenda had spotted shadows moving under the door of the men's restroom.  Knowing that there was no one there, she swung open the door and took a picture of the empty bathroom. a few seconds later, a single orb was shining from the digital screen on her camera.


While the spirits have rarely interfered with day to day business in the Linden Hotel, there has been the occasional incident. Brad witnessed a glass shatter in the bartender's hand for no reason. EMF readings were taken seconds later, and the numbers that came back were much higher than normal. It is odd that the spirits in the building possess this kind of force yet restrain themselves from visiting to much terror on the people who frequent the hotel. Could the spirits have some sort of respect for a place they had so many good times in when they were living? Or are they merely indifferent to the ephemeral interactions of the mortals who cohabit the hotel with them?

Notice in this civil war reenactment photo the white swoosh and the many orbs around the room. The figure circled was not there during this event, photo taken in the upstairs of the Linden hotel during remodeling.

This photo was also taken during the CivilWar re-enactment, notice the ghostly figure standing at attention next to the actor. But actually, it's not an actor it is also a ghost This man was not present during the re-enactment only shows up in the photo. The photo was taken at the Linden hotel.